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RTR UK Ltd Accident Management
Versus The Insurer
Why Choose Accident Management? Why Not Phone Your Insurer? Instinct Says Do The Latter. We are not at Fault so surely everything will be fine. Is This True?

If you've been through this before then what is set out below will be very familiar. For those that have not, read carefully because it could just be you.
Insurers -v- RTR Accident Management UK
So! you've had a Road Traffic Accident and your wondering whether it would be best to go through your own insurance company, or use RTR Accident Management UK. Problem is you have no idea what they can offer. Please read below.
Going Through Your Insurance Company
1. Even though your case is significant to you it wonít be to them. The money you pay them each year is for when your at fault in an accident and not for when your not. Every minute they spend on the phone discussing this with you eats into that yearly Premium. They donít want that.

2. Then there is youíre excess. Most people have a high one just to bring the premium down. That decision comes back to haunt you. Thatís gone straight away. Yes you can look to claim it back in 5-6 months time but that experience will be no different than trying to get the builder back to fix that leaky roof. We are talking, Paperwork, Hassle and large quantities of Paracetomol. REMEMBER! youíre only allowed to buy two packs at a time, take someone to the shop with you!

3. These are not law firms, they are insurers. As soon as a technical difficulty comes into play your case will get referred to a Solicitor. Your list of phone numbers will resemble a syndicates lottery ticket

4. Itís another headache for you but not for them. They will have alliances with certain Law Firms and the passing over of cases generates a nice and not to be sneered at referral fee. You wonít see any of it.

5. They are not in the business of Free Advice, they are Risk Management. Any advice offered to you will most likely be beneficial to them but not necessarily to you.

6. Donít pull a chair up by the phone; Insurance Companies have a huge back log of cases. They will be very slow in responding. If you need to kill time between phone calls then perhaps a Cruise might be the way to go or at the very least a good hammock. Some go the Sleeping Pill route but we would never advocate that!

7. You can of course keep trying to phone them and for those that enjoy repetitive automated messages informing you that "they are experiencing an unusual amount of calls at present and that could you try again later" will find the whole experience exhilarating. If you hold, then these moments can also be very nostalgic and soothing as most play either a Matt Monroe or Perry Como classic between announcements.

8. Where personal injury is involved they will try and settle your claim for the lowest amount possible just to get the case closed. These are normally pre-medical offers. These offers are normally a fraction of what the claim could really be worth. Donít take it for granted that they have your best interests at heart. If you do youíll be forever in the Primark Clearance Rack.

9. You canít presume that your incident will involve yourself and someone with an honest impeccable character. The chances of the other person being a life long member of the WI (womenís institute) or a Pillar of society are miniscule. In reality they are always disgruntled unshaven giants who within seconds of vacating their vehicle will have put the blame on you, bullied you into leaving the Police out of it, eyeballed any and all possible witnesses and moved their vehicle so a true picture of what really happened has gone.

10. Your no claims bonus is history (unless protected) and if youíre lucky you may just be able to prove that youíre the innocent party. Youíll finally get home (accident not serious) run everything back through your mind, have a strong drink and begin to calm down. Itís at this point that you reach for your Insurance Policy take down the number and reference and dial. Moments later youíll be serenaded by "Catch A Falling Star" (Perry Como Classic) while awaiting the news that your insurance company is experiencing an unprecedented amount of calls.

12. They will say where your car is to be repaired, if at all, probably miles away. Youíll get bottom dollar on value if itís a write off. Courtesy car very unlikely and it wonít be like for like so your removals business will have to be carried on in a mini. For the foreseeable future that is!

13. By law we do have to inform our Insurance Companies (as a courtesy) just encase we ourselves are at fault. You must be clear that this is just a courtesy call otherwise some will set the above ball rolling with or without your consent.

A light hearted but still depressing account of what happens when we choose the wrong path. Trouble is we donít realise it until we begin to tread it. In all honesty we only have ourselves to blame, information with regards to this has been in the public domain for years. We just donít bother to look.

Just by taking a quick glance you can find these: Case Study 1   Case Study 2   Case Study 3

Please Note: If insurers had not chosen to act in this way then Accident Management would never have been born. Innocent Parties deserve to be treated fairly and their lives should continue as though there had been no accident at all. For this to happen in the correct fashion, a fashion that suits both the Consumer and the Insurance Industry then an Accident Management Company has to take over the reins. Click HERE to see how RTR takes care of business.

The Following Information is Documented From Consumer Testimonials and Website Forums. Public Domain
Accident Management
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