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  1. What is Accident Management?
4.   Why have I not heard of this before?
5.   There are a lot of Accident Management Companies, why should I use RTR?
6.   Will you take care of eveything with no cost to me?
10.   You offer PAYG Roadside Assistance, how does that work?
11.   I am a Recovery Operator, can I join your scheme?
13.   I am a Recovery Operator but have no Website, can you help?
14.   Do you use Specialist Claims Management Law Firms?
15.   Will I get a fair valuation for my vehicle?
16.   Will I be talking to a real person and are your call centres Uk based?
Accident Management
Accident Management is the centralized handling of a motoristís claim following a road traffic collision. It is a cost-effective intermediary service which assists drivers in getting back on the road quickly and relieves the stresses of going through the claims process alone. Whilst it is significantly more cost-effective for the innocent motorist, the service does cost significantly more as a result - a cost borne by the insurer of the 'at-fault' driver.

The term ďaccident managementĒ encompasses a whole host of services; which may include 24-hour vehicle recovery, damage assessment, replacement car provision, arrangement of vehicle repairs, liaising with insurers, uninsured loss recovery, personal injury assistance and help with paperwork.

It is a particularly useful service for vehicle fleet operators, who need to keep downtime to a minimum. An outsourced accident management service can save managers time and administration costs.

2.   Accident Management in the UK
The accident management industry came about in the 1980s to address the problem of innocent motorists having to pay upfront for a replacement car after a collision, and wait weeks or even months to be reimbursed by the at-fault partyís insurer.

The service quickly proved popular with non-fault drivers, who were not getting this service from their insurer.

In the years that followed there were legal challenges by insurers on issues including costs, validity of claims and adherence to existing law. Now the rates insurers are willing to pay are set out in the General Terms of Agreement issued by the Association of British Insurers.

Accident management companies obtain their work from a range of sources, including motorists, breakdown companies, bodyshops, insurance brokers, fleet managers and dealerships.

The reputation of the accident management industry has been damaged in recent years by the competitive ambulance chasing tactics adopted by some firms to capture motoristsí personal injury claims.

Many accident management companies deal only with non-fault motorists but recently the industry has started to see the emergence of fresh customer-friendly firms which assist all drivers, regardless of fault, and help independent bodyshops to access more direct repair work. Today there are over 34 million vehicles on Britainís roads and over 43 million licensed drivers.

Please Note: The content in this section and the above was taken from "wikipedia" the Worlds Factually Recognised Website for Non-Biased Information. They cover all the features involved in a Non-Fault Accident Management Package so please take the time to view as Free Factual Knowledge can be very beneficial. Read the full article here

3.   I am insured so why should I use you?
This is the most common question and one I would have asked myself. The answer is simple and if we thought about it more we would never have asked this question in the first place.

Yes we are insured should we have an accident that is our fault. This is why we take these policyís out in the first place. When an accident is our fault we know we are going to pay the excess, we know our no claims bonus is history and we are ok about this because itís better than the financial alternative especially if the accident is a bad one.

The issue here is do we want to lose our no claims bonus and pay our excess if the accident is not our fault. Your answer should be NO. This being the case leave your insurance company out of it as they donít work for nothing and dealing with your non fault accident claim will cost you big time.

If insurance companies did not clobber you this way then there would be no accident management companies like ourselves. RTR provide you with the service youíre entitled to being a non fault accident victim. Itís as simple as that.
Iím sure you have heard the phrase "ignorance is bliss" well it applies here. We each go through our daily lives doing what we do, making ends meet, with very little time to do much else. Accident Management is something that you would find if you looked for it.

All those Non-Fault Accident Victims who previously went through their insurance company find Accident Management but only because they donít want the same thing to happen to them again. Itís a bit like Dock Leaves, you donít find out about those until youíve been stung by nettles.

You see a lot about Personal Injury Claims on the TV but that is different. They are looking to cash in on your misfortune where as RTR Accident Management want to provide you with a full service which begins at sending a Recovery Vehicle out to you. Totally different
You will have to decide for yourself on this one, but ultimately RTR UK is the Nations Favourite Accident Management Company. There are many reasons for this starting out at how professional the RTR staff is to being put back in a Ferrari 1 hour after it was established that you were not to blame for the accident.

The list goes on but in general I would say that the best reason for you to use RTR UK is this, Most Accident Management companies are just websites waiting for your call. You have your accident, you get home, youíre clued up as to not involve your insurance company so you look for Accident Management. You then call whoever.

RTR are different, we want to help you at the time of the accident, this is when you need it most. The way we do this is by our Accident Management Sticker System. You place that in your windscreen and youíre eligible for PAYG Roadside Assistance and Recovery as well as having direct access to the RTR Accident Management Service.

No one is better placed to take care of your predicament what ever that may be than RTR. We have unrivalled relationships with the Recovery Industry as you can see by our database and a replacement vehicle fleet that is way ahead of of our rivals. The icing on the cake is our partnership with Gorman Hamilton the industries most renowned Personal Injuries Claims Management Specialists. Need I say more.
Why should this service cost you if youíre not at fault? Your life and schedule should continue as though there had been no accident at all. These are your rights and entitlements; RTR enforces these when an insurance company wouldnít.

In extreme cases (very rare) some at fault insurance companies try to wriggle out of paying for certain things subsequently rendering you liable for costs. To safeguard against anything like this happening then there is a £10 insurance policy to cover it. Itís so seldom that the insurance companies are willing to give you cover for this for as little as £10. £10 worth of piece of mind and restful nights. We advocate that all parties should take advantage of this.
7.   If I am injured can I keep 100% of my Compensation?
This is all standard fare now. No Win No Fee is what you will see everywhere. The at fault parties insurers pick up the tab, plus our costs. Years ago when Personal Injury claims was in its infancy then firms did used to try and drink from both cups but not anymore. Rival competition put pay to that and rightly so.

You receive every penny of what you are awarded; you spend not a penny in fighting the case. We do it all for you. We have the best Personal Injury Legal Partners in place "Gorman Hamilton" so you are in the best possible hands.
8.   Can you supply a like for like vehicle even if my car is a Ferrari?
RTR UK has the industries most extensive Vehicle Replacement Fleet. We are unrivalled in this quarter. Our Prestige section is the most desirable and diverse. Whatever your vehicle we can replace it. Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis are common place. If youíre in a Sherman Tank then we may struggle, but only for an hour or so.
9.   If the accident was my fault can you still help me?
Regardless of fault you should still phone the number on the sticker. Things are never clear cut and you should never admit liability until you have spoken to an expert. The other party involved may be irate so we can talk to both of you as a cool, calm, collective voice is priceless at times such as these.

We wonít be able to offer you our Accident management Service as this will be down to your Insurance Company if youíre at fault. We will however make the situation calm and advise you accordingly.
As soon as you have the RTR Vehicle Recovery Sticker in your car window then you immediately become eligible for not only RTRíS Accident Management Services but also their Pay-As-You-Go Free Membership Roadside Assistance and Recovery.

If you breakdown and your not covered by the RAC etc then phone the number on the sticker and you will receive Recovery at massively discounted rates.

If youíre an owner driver with no traditional cover and your car is not that old then this type of cover is the best value on the market. You use it when you need it which lets face it is very seldom.
12.   I am a Recovery Operator, can I be listed in your Database?
Yes you can join the RTR UK Recovery Scheme and we welcome each and every Recovery outfit regardless of size. As soon as you become an RTR affiliate a whole new window of opportunity will open before you.

More callouts, More repairs, More storage and guaranteed rates, rates that are paid within 14 days of invoice. You can download a full rates specification from our Recovery page here. There is a lot more on offer which you will see below in our other Recovery related questions.
You certainly can be listed in the RTR Recovery Database. RTR have added this database as a thank you to Recovery Industry for their unrelenting and continued support. Registration is FREE for a standard listing, and even though there are Highly Visible, Premium Paid listings we have kept these at a minimum so as not to outshine the Standard Listings.

This is 2011; all businesses should have a website. This is a fact that has to be accepted by all and not just the Recovery Industry. Most shy away from this for one or two reasons. 1. They donít understand it all so figure its best left alone. 2. Expensive quotes. 3. Canít trust anyone to deliver what they need.

RTR UK offers all Recovery Operators Free Website advice
Yes we do and rightly so. Insurance Companies and Accident Management Companies have to be partnered with some kind of Legal Body Representation. It is this arm of our department that deals with all the Personal Injury and Litigation.

RTR is now the most prolific Accident Management Company in the UK. This prominence has brought about a partnership with Gorman Hamilton who is renowned for being on the cutting edge of Personal Injury Law.

In laymanís terms what this means is that any RTR claimant will be receiving the best possible representation regardless of circumstance.
Yes you will get a fair valuation for your vehicle. We use an independent body of Engineer Inspectors who do not work for Insurance Companies with a brief to save money.

Even if your vehicle is modernised with expensive ad onís all these will be accounted for and added to the cars worth. If you have a car that is 15 years old with a book price of £150 then this is all the insurance companies will value it at, regardless of the £4000 worth of customisation. With us it is different; everything will be noted and accounted for.
There are no Automated Messages, no Queues, and no Perry Como or Bing Crosby Classics playing when you call. This is a direct line with numerous staff and operators in wait.

Your UK passport will be sufficient to liaise with the person you talk too; you will not have to visit the Indian Embassy for a Visa. All our call centres are UK based and each manned with a staff that can talk your language. There will be nothing lost in translation.
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