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Breakdown App Improves Road Safety
The Road To Recovery, which offers pay as you go roadside assistance, recently created and launched a smartphone app which makes it easier and faster for its members to call in assistance should they break down. However, when developing the app RTR had another objective in mind over and above convenience and that is roadside safety.

In 2010 160 people were killed or injured in reported road incidents in parked vehicles on the lay-by or hard shoulder*. Another fact is that while more crashes occur when roads are busiest (between 8am and 6pm) the result is more likely to prove fatal after 6pm due to lack of visibility and other contributing factors**. There is also a personal safety issue with many women feeling vulnerable waiting for assistance alone or with young children. Therefore, the need to get help quickly and efficiently following a breakdown or crash is paramount for reducing the risk of collision or other danger.

The Road To Recovery app works by accurately locating the user’s location via GPS technology and then connecting them directly to the 24 hour call centre. An operator then dispatches the closest available recovery. The app improves safety because it makes the process much faster and much simpler for the motorist, reducing the amount of time they have to wait on the roadside, at risk from passing vehicles. In addition, the GPS technology means that their position can be accurately pin-pointed even if the motorist is in an unfamiliar area – without having to  undertake a potentially dangerous walk to find a landmark or emergency telephone.

Paul Hoyle, MD of Road To Recovery explained his rationale for developing the app

“We are all too familiar with the devastation caused by car crashes through our work as accident management specialists and through the breakdown scheme. The fact is that a breakdown is more than just inconvenient, it can be extremely dangerous therefore by reducing the period of time waiting on the roadside you are also reducing the risk. We have national coverage for the breakdown assistance so that plays a big role but we wanted to put something in place that would make the whole process as fast and as accurate as it possibly could be and a phone app represented the best solution to do that.”

The good news is that the Road To Recovery breakdown cover is subscription free and the app is free to download for iphone and android so help is accessible for all. RTR would urge everyone to download the app, even if they never use it, simply for the peace of mind it offers – not only to the motorist but to their loved ones so that they know they have access to responsive assistance at any time and in any UK location.

RTR is also a corporate partner for Brake, the road safety campaign charity. Martin Howard, Fundraising Officer at Brake, says; “It is fantastic that RTR are investing their time and resources into developing an application which aims to increase road safety.? Road users are extremely vulnerable following the breakdown of their vehicle, and any efforts to reduce the waiting time for assistance are to be welcomed.? In addition, Brake urges drivers to take vital life-saving measures to protect themselves and others while broken down by the side of the road, including turning on their hazard lights, immediately leaving the vehicle through the left hand side door, and waiting for assistance in a safe and secure place.”

RTR Breakdown and Recovery App Improves Road Safety
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